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The world’s leading Risk
Management Methodologies approach the problem in a similar manner
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US Committee of Sponsoring Organizations


International System Safety Society


Australia –New Zealand Standard 4360:1999


US Presidential & Congressional Commission


Canadian Standards Association Document Q850

1 Examine the Environment Understand the System Establish Context View Problem & Context Initiate Process
2 Assess Risks Identify and Evaluate Risk Identify Risks Examine Risk Preliminary Analysis
3 Impose Controls Identify Risk Controls Analyze Risks Review Options Estimate Risk
4 Inform & Communicate Resolve Risks Prioritize Risks Make Decisions Evaluate Risk
5 Monitor Verify Install Controls Take Action Select Risk Controls
6 -- -- Monitor and Review Evaluate Implement & Monitor

So does CADMUS.  But we go further, drawing the best features from the other methods, and from our own research and experience, to give you . . .



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. . . a five-step approach that will help you identify, assess and eliminate or mitigate hazards that can stop your organization from reaching its objectives.

The CADMUS Risk Solution: 


1.  State Risk DEFINITIONS

2.  Identify Risk ISSUES

3.  Develop Risk SOLUTIONS

4.  Make Risk DECISIONS

5.  Implement Risk CONTROLS


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